Is gravity an illusion?

Once upon a time (not so many years ago) it was true that black holes were in theory only and one had yet to be observed. Now I believe astronomers have observed a black hole in space, and also the C.E.R.N. atom smasher has created tiny black holes which then evaporate. How does one define ILLUSION. Certain Buddhist groups say that our experience of “self” is an illusion or gestalt of “skandas” or senses and that if we come to see self-hood for the illusion that it is then we will be less proud/violent/greedy, etc. IF it is true that reality is multi-dimensional then our 4 dimensional space-time world may be an illusion. Certainly the notion that the world is FLAT is a common illusion. Virgil’s Aeneid apparently has a verse which may be construed to demonstrate a knowledge that the earth is spherical by speaking of how a ship SINKS below the horizon as it sails away and then returns. The nautical horizon is something like seven miles away to an observer on the shore at sea level. Certainly Copernicus was denied an RC Church burial because he blasphemed saying that the Earth was not the center of the universe. In recent years his remains were located and identified genetically by means of a human hair found in one of his library books. The RC Church recanted, apologized, and gave his remains a proper RC burial. The supposed discovery of FASTER than the speed of light phenomena may represent some superdimensional object like a like a fork, with one prong seemingly at a great remove from the second prong. Also, Emmanuel Kant stated certain things about our a priori notions of time and space which may be incorrect in the context of quantum and relativity. Anyway, this is off the top of my head… and may be wrong.. so google!

When Paul argues that “now we see as through a glass darkly but then we shall know even as we are known” is not Paul in effect saying that what we experience in this world is illusory compared to the reality after the Resurrection? Are not Job’s friends under the illusion that those who suffer in this world are being punished by God’s displeasure? Does not the Prophet Ezekiel argue against a prevailing illusion of the common people when he says “aforetimes ye have said that the father bites upon bitter grapes and the teeth of the children are set on edge.” Does not Plato essentially say that our experience in this world is an illusion in his famous cave analogy of people in bondage seeing shadows upon the wall and confusing that with reality?


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