Bible Sees It Coming But Christians Do Not

Alex: For those who question the usefulness of regulation in mitigating (never mind preventing) disaster, consider the awfulness of not having at least 99.9985% pure seawater coming out of Dutch Skimmer vessels in the Gulf.

William: The Book of Revelation says that 1/3 of the air, sea and land will be destroyed and 10 vials of plague will be unleashed (or is it seven)… but anyway, all these events seem quite Biblical… and yet people who are supposedly of deep faith pray fervently that our status quo world will go on forever.. that prosperity will be unending and that such is God’s will??!!

Why do you suppose it is that The Book of Revelation says “woe unto her who is with child in that day” and “in that day people will pray for death but death will not come?”

Alex: There are seven seals. I’m not sure how many vials of plague there are supposed to be.

I’m betting on destruction by supervolcano myself. I think it’s just a bit too arrogant to assume we’re capable of doing to ourselves what the earth (with minor twitches) has been doing to species on the brink for millions of years.

William: I get mixed up but 7 or 10 but the bottom line is obvious… that’s why I didnt even bother to Google. Also, the KJV CORRECTLY translates “kai xronos ouketi estai” as “AND TIME SHALL BE NO MORE [shall cease]” rather than NIV “and there shall be no more delay. Straight out of Stephen Hawking. The heavens are rolled up like a scroll (only mentioned one other time in Isaiah) and time itself stops….. TIME-SPACE. Interesting, huh? Oh yeah and MILLIONS OF YEARS… so who cares… that is like forever (duh!)…. our sun will end as a giant dwarf in 8 billion years BUT in only 1/2 million the sun will be so large that life on earth is impossible… BUT WHO CARES because that is so far away… we are a nation who only looks as far as the next quarterly reports…

We only need geniuses like McCain to chant his mantra “our system is perfectly sound ” (er.. self-correcting?)

Alex: A red giant evolves as the hydrogen burns out, and then to a dwarf star William. You’re still looking at a billion years (not 1/2 million) before the atmosphere starts to be burned off. The oceans boil away at 3.5 billion. Much more fun to think about the Sagittarius and Andromeda galaxies smashing into the Milky Way before then.

Or maybe CERN will just produce a stable strangelet. Not with a bang, so to speak.

William: Let me try to dumb it down. Christian nations are destroying the ecosystem and yet are totally in denial that their own scriptures (the last book of the New Testament entitled “Book of Revelation”) predicts exactly what is now happening. All those Bible-believing Christians can’t believe that it is not their God’s will that they live forever in unending prosperity.

Alex: Yes, I suppose there is a sort of disconnect between christian faith and christian practice. Has that ever not been the case? I suppose they had a different idea about how their world would end (poli-centric and not techno-centric), but there have certainly been successful luddite christian cults that contrast with that example (which, perhaps like the Shakers, simply abstained themselves out of existence).

William: If changing topics gives you a wedgie, perhaps you should join a monastery? I don’t think I am very far off topic. A Scandinavian think-tank of scientists spent several years studying global warming and came to the conclusion that it is irreversible and therefore any money spent on trying to reverse it would be a waste (and we would get more bang for the buck putting money into HIV cure/prevention or clean drinking water for certain African nations or some other practical achievable goal.) Those scientists appeared on PBS and shows like Charlie Rose but I don’t think they made it to places like Fox or CNN.

Have you ever heard the expression “we won the battle but we lost the war?”

Excuse me for trespassing on Fantasy Island… please by all means, reverse all those fixable problems and continue on with your “Brave New World.”

My point was PRECISELY that you and many others are in a denial in your own fantasy island, and you think your are on the eve of some wonderful golden age, which YOU see as Brave New World but which is really financial, ecological and social ruin and possibly extinction…

IMHO we are all screwed and things will only grow worse and worse… each of our two “party” system talks like the country would be a better place if the opposing party were ELIMINATED and yet we abhor the one party society that is Communist China… isn’t that a RIOT!?

I agree with what Noam Chomsky suggests, namely, that the Neanderthal existed for 400,000 years with a “government” we call anarchy. Homo sapiens have only been around for 200,000 and I doubt we will be around for another 200,000. In a strange way the Neanderthal were MORE successful since they lived in harmony with nature and had no problems with health insurance…

I feel that when we all go extinct, the universe will be a better place…

I just find it amusing that Americans vote a twit-brain Bonesman like Bush in for two terms, who is basically a war criminal who should stand trial before the Hague, and who tries to usurp more power to the Executive branch than was ever intended by the founding fathers, who prays on camera with pursed lips and squinting eyes like a victim of hemorrhoids, who trots out all his sob stories about how he was an alcoholic but a walk on the beach with Rev. Billy Graham opened his eyes, how the whole nation is worried about things like abortion and same sex marriage when the environment and economy is collapsing.. and we try to fix things with FAITH BASED organizations when clearly Jefferson intended to erect a wall between Church and State… and to top everything off, the frosting on the cake, their precious Bible PREDICTS all this ruination… but they are in denial, and they want to support Israel so that Israel can rebuild the third temple, so that prophecies can be fulfilled so that Jesus can come again…

I have not touched a drop of alcohol or a flake of tobacco in over 2 years and hope I never do… not that there is anything wonderful about becoming much older than I am. I would be delighted and relieved if a doctor told me I had six months to live. Its just the principle of the thing.

But, you know what… if PROHIBITION came up for a vote, I would vote NO… not because I see alcohol as good (it is terribly destructive) but PROHIBITION CREATED far more problems than it solved (ever heard of the Mafia and bootleggers)… and prior to Rowe vs Wade abortion WAS criminalized which only meant that wealthy women went to countries where it is legal while poor women died in back alley abortions…. WE CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY…. Switzerland is actually SMARTER than we are… If you are a heroin addict in Bern, you register with the government and report each day and they give you TWO injections of pure heroin (junkies in NYC have to take six, cause it is watered down crap)… BUT now the government is your PUSHER and you have to do what your pusher says SO you have to go to social workers and get a job,… and you know what, IT WORKS…

And right this minute, Kurds are trekking over snow-covered mountains with back pack full of booze to sell to the mullahs in Iran.. and somewhere some mega-media preacher is in some motel paying some prostitute to do something terrifyingly unnatural with tupperware…
So… step right up, and repeat after me, and take JC as your personal savior… and you too will be BORN AGAIN and as Charles Stanley says, you will have THE ETERNAL SECURITY OF SALVATION….


One Response to “Bible Sees It Coming But Christians Do Not”

  1. zero1ghost Says:

    i find it ironic that many people who believe they have the eternal security of salvation and believe in things like the rapture and have a millenial eschatology usually are the ones doing the most to bring about the destruction of the world.

    aren’t we called to serve? repent and believe the kingdom is near? not bring about Armageddon?

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