America is THE BEST!!!

The saber-rattling rhetoric of someone like McCain shouting “America is THE GREATEST” seems sick and twisted since there are many fine nations in the world. I asked one young conservative WHY America is THE GREATEST and he said : “It is very simple! Vermont can lick (beat up) Canada and Vermont knows it and Canada knows it.” I then ask why he conflates violence and destruction with greatness and the entire populace of that thread began mocking my name as BUELLER/Billy-Boy, informed me that I must be a Communist and a homosexual, and that I should leave America since I obviously do not love it. I watched Wm. F. Buckley Jr debate Noam Chomsky on Frontline (it is on youtube so you may also watch) and Buckleys frequent knee-jerk reaction (so typical of conservatives) is the start cussing and threaten fisticuffs. I never observe such behavior in Chomsky. I am certain that all liberals do not share equally in equanimity but I suspect that rancor is more endemic in the conservative character.

Allegedly Lincoln once said (paraphrased from memory) “during war time, each side prays that God is on their side but what they SHOULD be praying for is that THEY are on God’s side.” I do not know if this is apocryphal or true.

There is an indie (independent) movie, Zentropa, in German with English subtitles. After WWII, one idealistic young German-American decides to move to Germany and help with the reconstruction. As the movie opens he meets a Roman Catholic priest and asks “since each side prayed to God for victory, which side is God on since only one side can be right?” The Priest answers by way of that verse “ye are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm so therefore I spew thee out of my mouth” to say that it is not the cut and dry Manichean right or wrong of the moral position but the heart and intention of each individual.

Stop and think of David’s sin in sending Uriah to death and marrying the widow Bathesheba. No single action is sinful. A General may sent to the front lines whom he deems most fit. A widow may be given in marriage. A king may have several wives. It was the DARKNESS OF THE HEART’S IMAGINATION WHICH KNOWS NO BOUNDS that constituted David’s sin; his malice of forethought. Another King who coincidentally did all these things would be blameless.

When Joseph’s brethern finally came to him in Egypt to ask his forgiveness he says “You intended EVIL but God transformed your evil into GOOD [since Joseph was placed in a position of influence to save his people from famine.]” We see through a glass darkly. We have no access to the reality of goodness. We only know what is wicked in our hearts. We have no access to TRUTH. We only know in our hearts when we intend to bear false witness.


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