A Polity of Angels

I respond, I react, I brainstorm. And do you have some ultimate goal or agenda? Do you know already where all your writing and thoughts will lead?

If the American Right is Bible-based, but they do not understand the inherent weakness of human nature, or the doom which is woven into the fabric of their own optimistic tapestry then they are their own worst enemy.

The endemic defilement in the very fabric of human nature which can never be cleansed is (among other things) greed. Communism is a governmental system for angels (to provide according to one’s abilities and to take only according to one’s needs.) [And by the way, there is only place in the world where pure Communism has been successful for over 1000 years; the monasteries of Mt. Athos.] Even on the first page of Hobbes’s “Leviathan” we read, “If people were angels there would be no need for government.” One must look into the Talmudic notion of “yetzer hara” (our tendency towards wrong doing.) Our human weaknesses CAN be harnessed by competition and greed through capitalism. King Solomon said that if it were not for the “yetzer harah” then no cities would be built; there would be no competition. But perhaps the cataclysmic doom of an Armageddon is build into the dynamics of our system.

I should repost here what I put on Sam Shropshire’s thread today:

If we examine the Book of Revelation it does say that 1/3 of the air, earth and ocean will be destroyed and the sea will turn the color of blood, so perhaps it is part of God’s great plan that all these prophecies come to pass, and who are we to defy the will of God’s holy words? Several times in Scripture we are told that the poor shall always be with us and there shall always be wars and rumors of war until the last times. And yet, we constantly try to eliminate poverty and work towards world peace! Does this make Biblical sense to you?

P.S. I just now remember how Reagan was convinced that his survival of that assassin’s bullet was surely a sign that he would be an instrument of God’s will


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