Choosing a Companion for Adam in Genesis

David, I listened to Kathy Baldocks 2nd video regarding Biblical interpretation and I have an interesting observation to make. It is well known that Genesis contains TWO creation accounts. In the first account, God simply creates Adam and Eve, and not a great deal is said. BUT Chapter 2 verses 18-20 is obviously open to the following interpretation: God initially created Adam and placed him in the garden. But then, God decided that Adam was lonely. SO God created all the animals and presented them one by one to Adam to see WHAT ADAM would name them. By the way, this suggests that language is something arbitrary that humans created and not something divine which was disrupted by the Tower of Babel (nor did Allah DECREE that Arabic would be the language for a certain people and Islam would be their religion.) Back to verses 18-20, we see that NO SUITABLE companion is found for Adam. We are left with the impression that Adam might have been happy with the giraffe or the hippopotamus and that Eve would never have been created.


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