Al Gore Sex Harassment Transcript

From Facebook:

Here is the LONG testimony of the massage therapist regarding her alleged sexual harassment by Al Gore.

I did read the whole long transcript and it certainly seemed legitimate and not prefabricated. It is one thinG if someone is open to fooling around, but “no” means “NO” so force and coercion give a much more criminal dimension above and beyond adultery/infidelity.

[Someone had commented “where are the George Washingtons of the 21st century and I said that Washington probably fooled around just like a lot of other men]

I could never possibly share Billy Graham’s theological beliefs but I used to admire him from afar imagining him to be pure. He probably has been a “husband of one wife” but what shocked me were the anti-Semitic remarks on Nixon’s tapes. When he publicly apologized and claimed to “have no memory” of having said such things, I felt he was lying. But then, gradually, I came to realize what Graham’s REAL problem was from a long PBS documentary which showed his history with presidents and the White House. I think the first time he succeeded in having a meeting with a president was Harry S. Truman. Right after the meeting Graham staged some phony photo shots of himself and his associates kneeling in prayer on the White House grounds. When Truman saw THAT, he banned Graham from ever coming to the White House again. Graham had “prayer breakfasts” with every sitting president EXCEPT of all people JIMMY CARTER who when interview about it years later said “Rev. Graham is a fine person but the White House is NOT the place for that sort of thing.” It was then I suddenly realized that Graham was always mesmerized by people in high office and sought to enlist their support for his own causes. When he was alone with Nixon, he was just following his instincts to HUMOR whatever Nixon was saying and the fact that it was anti-Semitic just flew over Graham’s head. He really did NOT remember the incident.

As far as males and sexual impropriety, Jimmy Carter is pretty honest and candid in all his autobiographical books admitting he had the desire but he always had the decency and moral conviction to keep it as a desire in the mental realm and not fan the flames of desire with fantasy and not let the desire express itself in words and actions.


I was in a state of shock when I first saw news about the Gore’s divorce. I told my wife who was also shocked. I quickly searched and searched to find out the story. I found a load of photos of Gore kissing his wife on the mouth in public. I don’t think that is appropriate or professional. I think times have changed in that regard and also the professionalism of the press and media. No one ever new that FDR was in a wheel chair because the press would not print those kind of shots. And I could never in my LIFE imagine someone like Eisenhower appearing on the Jack Paar show (he was the Johnny Carson/Jay Leno of the 1950s). Nowadays all the politicians seem to depend on the talk show circuit. Palin and Shatner do their duet and walk off the stage holding hands. They are media whores, but Shatner is SUPPOSED to be a media whore since that is how he makes a living. Political leaders are not supposed to be media whores. I admire William Shatner by the way. I remember his first appearance on a Twilight Zone episode. I think he has really reinvented himself several times in an amazing fashion. (trivia- few people know he is French-Canadian and fluent in French.)

Anyway, after lots of searching on Gore, all I found was a statement that “we have carefully thought out this divorce, it is a private matter and no infidelity is involved.”

All I said to my wife is “damn she is so HOT for her age” you would think he would be satisfied with her.


I have posted this before I know, but Schadenfreude is one Jewish wisdom that Christianity never discovered: it is wrong to rejoice or gloat over the tragedy or affliction or shame or destruction of your worst enemy (or any one else for that matter.) No one could be MORE left than I am … and there is a contemptible side of me that would rejoice if all Democrats were demonstrated to be pure as the driven snow and all Republicans unmasked as wolves in sheep’s clothing. But I recognize my very human desire for what it is; a character flaw. G.W. Bush was criticized for being under some Manichean delusion that all the world is black and white; good guys vs bad guys. The world is not that simple.
There are some evil pastors, rabbis, imams, priests… and there are some saintly atheists. Steinbeck has a great page in “East of Eden” where he likens virtue to a circus seal honking out the Star Spangled Banner on a set of horns; it sounds laughable and distorted but it is still recognizable for what it is. Paul pretty much says the same thing with “treasures of gold in vessels of clay.”

Ted Kennedy made some real mistakes and somehow survived politically and sincerely tried to do a lot of good (perhaps driven in part by his guilt over those mistakes.) No amount of good can ever forgive or erase wicked acts, and wrong-doing should not detract from sincere efforts to do good (or from genuine repentance for that matter.) Newt Gingrich has some pretty stinky skeletons in his closet. The Texas board of textbooks is wrong to bowdlerize text books of mentions of Ted Kennedy and emphasize Newt Gingrich.


Rob, what you point out about time frames and the National Enquirer certainly casts doubt upon the allegations.

I suppose if I had to pick the most squeaky clean presidents of my own lifetime it would be Eisenhower and Carter. Eisenhower did have a woman jeep driver and assistant during the Normand invasion. I have talked for hours on end with many WWII veterans. They admit that they were convinced they would not come out of the war alive. The likelihood of impending death certainly does not help the average male in resisting his base sexual appetites.

So now I am down to Carter. I imagine his great dark secret sin would be copping a feel in the back of some movie theater. Jimmy! Go, and sin no more!


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