Americans have forgotten how to kill and forgotten how to die. We like to watch movies about the Spartan 300, but we have forgotten how to say “we who are about to die salute you.” We have no draft yet there are people who voluntarily enlist. They know they are bringing something big to the table and they may die and they get paid peanuts. A CEO brings nothing to the table. If the company goes belly up he has his golden parachute. If the company does poorly he gets huge bonuses. We are moral cowards. Both liberals and conservatives complain about the system but no one ever talks about radically changing the system. We talk the talk but we can no longer walk the walk. If you or anyone thinks that what we do and how we handle things is so great, then why doesn’t it work and why do you all constantly complain. Why are we a failure as a civilization. Why should Madoff be alive right now? Wait and see, in a few years he will be out. Why is his family still alive? The Roman army would discipline their troops with decimation, which meant that every 10th man would die. Rome only lasted 1000 years but at least Rome lasted 1000 years. Your God, the God of the Old Testament, the God of the Bible loving American founders, decreed that Ahab and Jezebel would lay dead in the streets and the dogs would devour their flesh. The fate of Ahab and Jezebel is too good for the Madoff family and cohorts yet they are free and safe to live in splendor with all their plunder. Of course people will do things with impunity when there are no consequences.


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