Our Persona or Self

To an attorney:

When I realized that you are the ATTORNEY I was so impressed to see you emotionally involved in a client’s situation.. you know how attorneys and even doctors are portrayed as cold-hearted.

It’s the detachment we need to have to maintain some sanity and to be effective. Frequently I have to be the voice of reason iwth an emotional man, who then a month later realizes that I made the right call.

Good point.. cool detachment is essential.. and reason must have its say… even though Pascal said “The heart has its reasons of which Reason knows nothing.”

It’s just like Plato’s Republic, the myth about the soul, with mind (nous) as charioteer, and the four horses pulling in different directions… so there is cognitive, emotive.. visceral (hunger thirst fatigue, lust.)

So our persona is a gestalt of what we permit and what we repress… and it is a constant balancing act of pulling in the reigns.

Psychiatrist David Viscott in his autobiographical “Making of a Psychiatrist” points out the irony that medical school and residency turns most people into “hard boiled owls” and then they enter a field where compassion empathy sensitivity is essential.




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