An alternative to primary races?

Hey… I have an idea…!!! Let’s step back and ask ourselves WHO is to blame for having a political system which has VERY expensive elections every FOUR years… permits in theory ANYONE (even a Joe the Plumber) to lead the nation if he/she has enough money behind them and enough charisma to sway the public (and as far as I know there is not even a requirement for a G.E.D. perhaps there is one for literacy)…. Obviously my question is rhetorical…. WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for how we choose our Governors and Presidents… Dumb Question #2… DOES IT REALLY HAVE TO BE THIS WAY… you mean to tell me that there is no other conceivable way to choose our leaders EXCEPT a very expensive one which encourages graft and corruption. Our doctors and pharmacists have to have licenses… our lawyers have to pass the bar…. our accountants have to pass a CPA exam… but any damn fool who is white, Protestant, male, popular, slim, athletic can be elected to the highest office in the land by virtue of popular whim and billions in advertising and media .. (note: insert question mark ? somewhere in all this)


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