The Mineral Wealth of Afghanistan

So then, what would be the quickest way to acquire all that wealth and also “kill two birds with one stone?” I would say we have stayed right on topic, perhaps frighteningly on topic. In the 1930’s the world seemed divided into two ideological mutually exclusive camps: the Nazis, and all who were opposed to Nazi ideals. In the 1950s that global division seemed to be: Communists vs all opposed to the Communist/Marxist ideology. Now in the 21st century how may we describe the world-wide ideological division/polarization? Would it be fair to say radical Islam vs all who oppose or fear the tenets of radical Islam (including conservative or secular Muslims?)

So, time for some what-if scenarios. What if Hitler had won the war? What would the world be like today? What if FDR had failed and the Great Depression had destroyed America but the Soviet Union had prospered? What would the world be like today?

If the pro-Sharia nations gain control of a vast wealth mineral and fossil fuel wealth AND overcome their nit-picking Sunni-Shia-Sufi-Kurd differences AND gain state of the art technological know-how then WILL they be seduced by the siren call of Nike-Revlon-Anheuser-Busch and transform themselves into conspicuous consumers in a secular democracy? Would would like to hope so.

OR will they use that wealth and technology to do exactly what Karen Armstrong described in the opening chapter of “A Short History of Islam:” namely, to forge the unity of a global Umma under Sharia which will reflect the unity of Allah?

In what sense have we strayed off-topic?


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