Strange Facebook Visitor

I received a strange message in FACEBOOK from a Mariam Holliday

The only friend we had in common was Aaron Crenshaw.

Mariam claimed to be DEAF and to know sign language.

Mariam asked me to log into Yahoo chat and turn on my webcam.

I became suspicious of Mariam when I signed to her the following
simple signs and she did not know what I meant. Remember she was seeing me sign on webcam.

How to SIGN the word “DEAF” in American Sign Language

The following is what she asked me in Yahoo chat:

Mariam Holliday: Ok
literarydiscussions: lets see if I can get the webcam to work
Mariam Holliday: Ok
literarydiscussions: it seems to be working
literarydiscussions: can you see me
Mariam Holliday: Not yet
literarydiscussions: i suppose audio is unnecessary
literarydiscussions: hmmm
literarydiscussions: it says you are viewing my webcam
Mariam Holliday: Yes i can see you now
literarydiscussions: i rarely use all this, so i am not certain
literarydiscussions: aha
literarydiscussions: well, i just waved
Mariam Holliday: You look nice and i ask you did you live in house or Apt
literarydiscussions: when i look at the screen then i do not look at the camera
literarydiscussions: but as you can see i am able to touch type
literarydiscussions: and not look at the keyboard
literarydiscussions: so, should i also view your cam?
literarydiscussions: or is this sufficient
literarydiscussions: i do see your photo
literarydiscussions: long hair, brown / auburn
literarydiscussions: i am studying the yahoo options
Mariam Holliday: Yes am not have cam because my friend computer is not too much good
literarydiscussions: well then, you can see me… rather boring,… not much to see
literarydiscussions: i am used to looking at the screen as I type
Mariam Holliday: I see
literarydiscussions: and you can view my youtube cam blogs
Mariam Holliday: did you rent house or you own
literarydiscussions: we rent… in a low cost subsidized condominium
literarydiscussions: which has no equity
Mariam Holliday: I see
Mariam Holliday: what about your parent
literarydiscussions: it is called a “mitchell lama
literarydiscussions: my parents are gone
Mariam Holliday: i ask you where is yur parent
literarydiscussions: i am age 61
literarydiscussions: why do you ask
literarydiscussions: just out of curiosity
Mariam Holliday: Just want to know
Mariam Holliday: sorry for that
literarydiscussions: i wonder what this computer will do if i simultaneously launch facebook
literarydiscussions: its ok, you may ask what you like, i am simply curious
literarydiscussions: there is no such thing as a foolish question; only foolish answers
literarydiscussions: oh my, it does have a window with my own web cam image
Mariam Holliday: I ask yu did you hear about president barack obama is helping deaf and disable people
literarydiscussions: so, when i click ALWAYS ON TOP then i can see what you see
literarydiscussions: i have not read about that
literarydiscussions: is he really, do you like barack obama… l do like him better than bush or mccain
Mariam Holliday: Ohh because they told me and they help me with some money to pay for all debt
literarydiscussions: well, that is good
Mariam Holliday: i did get money from him to pay all my debt
literarydiscussions: Mariam was the name of Moses’ sister I think
literarydiscussions: i am going to try and open facebook too
literarydiscussions: although it is on my other ubuntu computer right now
literarydiscussions: so, what did you wish to discuss
Mariam Holliday: Did you get the money too from him
literarydiscussions: no,
Mariam Holliday: But did you know you can get too
Mariam Holliday: just want to help you with that
literarydiscussions: i did not know and i am not interested, but thank you for mentioning it
Mariam Holliday: Ok
literarydiscussions: which type of sign language did you learn
Mariam Holliday: how to talk
Mariam Holliday: did you ever know about any sign language
literarydiscussions: can you understand that
Mariam Holliday: Ok
literarydiscussions: what did i just sign to you
literarydiscussions: can you understand
literarydiscussions: what does that mean?
Mariam Holliday: Sure
literarydiscussions: then please tell me what i signed
Mariam Holliday: i ask you are you looking for date or what
literarydiscussions: hmmm…. i dont believe you know sign language
literarydiscussions: if you know sign language, the why cant you tell me what I am signing to you
literarydiscussions: i do not believe you know sign language
literarydiscussions: why have you contacted me with such strange questions?
literarydiscussions: why do you not answer my questions
literarydiscussions: i am very suspicious about what you have told me
Mariam Holliday has signed out. (6/14/2010 9:49 PM)


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One Response to “Strange Facebook Visitor”

  1. Barbara E Bj Says:

    So many scammers, so little time for them all! LOL! Sounds like she was more of a hooker than anything else!

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