Noam Chomsky at His Worst

I just now, out of curiousity, googled on “What is the worst thing one can say about Noam Chomsky” and here is the first interesting, pertinent link that came up.

My exercise was motivated by my realization that EVERYONE no matter how famous, noble, inspired or original has SOMEONE who finds fault with them perhaps even to the point of demonizing them. Every Mother Teresa has their Christopher Hitchens. Every four years we hold political primaries which seem to PROMISE that at last we will have the IDEAL leader who will finally solve all of our problems foreign and domestic, etc. Next comes the political honeymoon of the first 100 days in office, followed by a period of disillusionment followed by a sense of betrayal followed by primary races and another election.

I like to compare William F. Buckley, Jr. with Noam Chomsky as two of the most brilliant political minds of the 20th century who were on opposite ends of the spectrum. A great gift to think and write does not guarantee what someone will think or write about or what convictions they will espouse. In the early days of the civil rights movement Buckley took the position that colored people by the own admission are backward since their organization is “The National Association for the ADVANCEMENT of Colored People.” Eventually, Buckley recanted this position.

If you notice from my other posts, I explore allegations that Ronald Reagan may have been guilty of high treason and that Bush/Cheney may be guilty enough to stand trial at a Hague Tribunal.


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