Ronald Reagan: Guilty of Treason & War Crimes

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My best friend age 57 (former career enlisted military) admires Ronald Reagan and feels he can do no wrong. I did a google search and come up with 47,000 links referring to “Reagan high treason.” What I am hoping for is some enlightened discussion about WHY there are so many allegations and what substance (if any) there may be behind such allegations. I noticed as part of my search that Bush contramanded some order regarding executive records and kept 68,000 pages pertaining to the Reagan administration from ever being released. My friend argues that if there were ANY remote chance that Reagan was involved in wrong doing then it would have come to trial. I pointed out to him that Bush and Cheney may in theory be guilty to stand trial at a Hague Tribunal for war crimes but that this may never come to pass because there are people in high places who will prevent it from happening. If I were to post this on my wall or your wall then people might see me as a trouble-maker or a flamer. If you would prefer to answer me privately, I understand and will keep your name out of anything you may offer, but simply share it with my friend (who never goes on the internet and does not even have a telephone… because he cannot afford one). Thanks! I admire you and the knowledgable people who post in your threads.

Randy, thanks for your feedback. I am not certain what “birther stuff” means. I do know that two people on my FB who are 10 times smarter and more educated than I am opened my eyes to the possibility that our two party system is a sham that is controlled by an underlying power which Eisenhower warned of as “the industrial-military complex. I had never thought about things in that fashion until they made their observations last year.

Yes, Paula. It amazes me to two of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, Wm. F. Buckley Jr. and Noam Chomsky, were at such polar opposites.

I think it is naive to blame any sitting president for any number of bad things during his/her watch or credit them with good things for the simple reason that the dynamics of the causal nexus for significant events have usually been at work for decades or even generations.

It is true that the Soviet Union collapsed under Reagan’s watch but they were already on the verge of bankruptcy and the causes of that were most likely at work for decades.

I found it laughable that McCain wanted to postpone debates believing that he could rush to Washington, shake a few hands, pat a few backs, call in a few favors and avert the financial crisis, which probably had its start when Clinton signed certain bills to ease regulations which permitted unsound financial instruments such as derivatives.

“Three cheers for the Red White and Blue” and “America is #1” may have had some force and meaning during the McCarthy witch-hunt era but now it simply sounds to me like a diseased and antiquated rhetoric that implies that there is something wrong with New Zealand, Canada, Scandanavia, and any number of perfectly good nations.

The European Union has been dubbed “The United States of Europe.” Bulgaria is the poorest member yet it is communist and it is a member. The Netherlands is so far to the left that they see Obama the way we see McCain. The Netherlands and Scandanavia are consistently rated as the happiest of societies.

For years, American economy has been short sighted and has positioned itself for the next quarterly earnings report whereas Japan has attempted to position themselves for the next century.

And why should a contemptible secret society like Yale’s Skull and Bones product so may powerful leaders (including Buckley).

Conservatives claim that America is Bible based by the founding fathers who all loved Jesus. Why would self-respecting Christians join such a demonic secret society simply to advance their own personal agenda.

I know I am kind of rambling here, but I am trying to GROK and wrap my mind around all these issues.


Thanks for the quick answer, Nyc. RIght after I posted my question about uploading RAW format to Flickr, I searched and found a long discussion touching upon various reasons why people would NOT chose to upload RAW even if they could, but you bring up the reasons why Flickr would not and does not make it possible. I suppose I was think about the UNLIMITED upload feature as the attraction.

I agree with your observations regarding censorship and the curtailment of free expression. Basically, whenever make a remark that a conservative cannot agree with they suggest that you love it or leave it which is probably their code-language for guns at high noon (meaning they would shoot you if they could get away with it and feel that it was for the greater glory of their God.)

I started to mention Jimmy Carter to that conservative the other day and her expression changed SO DRASTICALLY, that I paused and said “you react like I just told you that I worship Satan with infant sacrifice” and she basically agreed that she sees Carter as the devil incarnate. She certainly was not shocked to hear me say how shocked she looked.

The more I read and the more I talk to the average “person in the street” the more I feel that I live in a world gone utterly mad (if there ever was any sanity to begin with.) The Book of Revelation says that “in those times people will yearn for death but death will not come.” I would have to Google for the specifics but I grow weary of search engines.


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