Pulitzer-winning Brownie Snapshots

Nyc, I often think about your Pulitzer observation. I was in that Museum of Photography bookstore, opened a collection from someone of fame, and noticed a blurred shot. I mused about why that shot had been preserved and published. I suppose there was a period of time where black & white film photographers cherished the texture and effects they could achieve in the darkroom with a negative. I suppose now the RAW file is the object of much aesthetic programmatic manipulation. One might even take up the challenge of what might be done artistically with the 2 megapixel device at hand. I just changed the Blackberry settings to night time and normal quality as opposed to ultra fine quality and I took a lot of shots after sunset at City Hall Park (Brooklyn Bridge). They have some new sculpture on display. I think I should go back during the day. But shadow, angle, chiaroscuro, texture are also mediums for exploration. Photography is all in the mind.


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