Those who thrive on suffering

When I first started using Ubuntu IRC channels, someone did something very cruel and pointless to me. One young programmer somewhere in a California university made a very wise observation about the matter saying “There are some people who simply thrive upon the pain and suffering of others.”

On the other hand, as Gandhi observed, “an eye for an eye” leads to a blind nation so “beating the crap” out of anyone is not a good solution. Violence simply begets more violence.

I once asked a conservative WHY he feels that “America is the best” and he explained it this way: “Vermont can lick Canada; Canada knows it and Vermont knows it.” I then asked him why power and violence implies superiority and the entire conservative thread began to call me “Billyboy,” “Bueller,” and told me that I must be a Communist and a homosexual and I should leave America if I do not love it.


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