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“My father calls me William, my mother calls me Will, my sister calls me Willy but the fellows call be Bill.” So Ruth calls me “Mr. Buell” in proper St. John’s protocol. Alex refers to me as “Bill.” I often dispense with names where the context is obvious. When disambiguation demands a name I use the first names since surnames seem so pompous. Yet I do have certain theories of my own with regard to choices of how or whether to address people with where someone falls on the scale of liberal to conservative. Now “Nyc” Labrets and Wanda address me as “William” when they feel the need to address me at all. When I am speaking directly to someone never I never use any sort of name since it seems a waste of band-width and possibly an insult (for I am implying that they are so stupid that I must remind them that I am addressing them or else I am implying that they are so conceited that they thrive upon the flattery of hearing their name the repeated the live-long day like Emily’s frogs croaking in a bog… but obviously Dale Carnegie would have disagreed.) By the way, I make it a point NEVER to trust anyone who says “my friend.” People in Pakistan are famous for saying “My friend” to someone they do not know and with whom they violently disagree. I suspect that Nyc is my friend and considers me his friend. But if someone IS a friend, they why would it be necessary to say explicitly “you are my friend” since things like friendship are demonstrated by actions and not lip-service (and did not Jesus say ‘you are my friends IF you do as I say?) Anyway, having said all these things, I have become curious as to whether Libertarians are conservative or liberal. I think of myself as very liberal and left-leaning but Nyc is SO liberal that he makes me feel like a McCain or Palin (corollary question: who is MORE conservative, McCain or Palin?) Here is one take on Libertarians:


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