Laura Bush – Spoken From The Heart

$16.99 Costco ISBN 9 781439 155202 pg. 440 Bibliography – states that the Bush presidency was the first for which all documents were electronically archived. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


One Response to “Laura Bush – Spoken From The Heart”

  1. rolodexter Says:

    The piece is put together well enough. This publisher really farms these though, so you really do expect this quality. Nothing too interesting here. It’s about as boring as she seems to be on TV. Again, I really can’t believe details are narrated so emotionally, with such certainty. But who’s to say things didn’t happen exactly this way? Who knows, right? Whatever the case, it’s moving paper. It’s been on the NYT Bestsellers list for a while now. You might have even seen a copy at your local Costco, and been curious enough to buy yourself a copy.

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