Why GIMP? Why not Photoshop?

Well, Gimp is TOTALLY free! Photoshop costs something like $800 PLUS about $200 per year for UPGRADES. GIMP is said to be only 2 or 3 releases behind the abilities of Photoshop at any given time. GIMP is likely to be around forever whereas proprietary Photoshop might in theory be BOUGHT out and then shelved or radically changed. Also, GIMP offers the ability to install it on a Thumb-Flash-USB drive and use it on ANY computer. GIMP has a much smaller footprint than Photoshop and demands less computer speed and resources. Also, a majority of photographers only use a fraction of what is available in Photoshop. Some are well advised to purchase PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS rather than full Photoshop and thereby save hundreds of dollars. But, if GIMP can do it all or most of it then who needs Photoshop? And there are TONS of tutorials and how-to guides for GIMP as well as IRC chat channels and message boards.

It is true that Photoshop implements Pantone Colors which are proprietary and Gimp cannot implement Pantone if it is to remain open source. Furthermore, some professional MUST have the Pantone Color ability.


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