Meditations upon the name Nyc

Seriously, I was as CONFUSED AS HELL over Nyc’s name and pronunciation until I actually asked for an explanation.
At first I thought he was referring to himself as “New York City” Labrets. One I realized that Nyc was his actual first name I thought perhaps it rhymed with “Nice” or perhaps even “Niche.”

I must admit that Nyc Labrets is the greatest name in the world (until some future generation decides to name 10,000 children Nyc Labrets at which point it becomes equivalent to Joe Smith.)

I actually went through high school with a Joe Smith and he said once the police questioned him and asked his name and when he answered “Joe Smith” the officer said “No, I want your REAL name.”

When Nyc told me that Munich is called “Toy Town” all I could think was the phrase that I have heard over the years “boy toy.”

In the 1980s in New Haven there was only ONE Japanese Sushi restaurant (called Hatsune, but not certain) and there were always a certain number of gay patrons. One day a strikingly handsome man in his 30s, apparently incredibly wealthy, was discussing with his several younger admirers about a party they would have that evening to which “everyone would bring a toy.”



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