An Independent State of Israel

If you search in Youtube on anti-Zionist you will find interviews with rabbis who disapprove of the founding of a Jewish state of Israel. When the Zionist movement started in the 19th century a majority of rabbis were opposed. The first official mention of the idea of a state of Israel was the Balfour Declaration of 1917. There was some talk of giving the Jews land in Kenya, Africa. It is my understanding that Britain and France desired to weaken and divide the Ottoman Empire (the sick man of Europe) and this was the motivation to support Zionism rather than some concern for the Jewish peoples. One anti-Zionist rabbi commented that the existence of Israel confuses the world since everyone conflates the interests of Israel with the interests of Judaism.

Some years ago I came across an editorial which Mohandas Gandhi had written in the 1930s criticizing the idea of an independent Israel. Gandhi said that one might be Jewish anywhere in the world and that a Jewish state was unnecessary. For several years I felt that Gandhi was hypocritical to deny the Jews their desire for he ardently desired India’s independence from Great Britain. One day I realized why Gandhi fought so hard to make possible an independent Pakistan. Gandhi REALIZED that there could never be peace unless the Muslims had their own independent Islamic state. Gandhi was assassinated by a fanatical Hindu who resented the division of ancient India (Baharat). I then realized that Gandhi foresaw that there could never be peace with an Israel smack in the middle of Muslim peoples. If my conjecture indeed represents Gandhi’s actual sentiments then he has certainly proved prescient given all the decades of conflict. When I read the Torah I see that God promises the land to the Jews and yet Moses has to send SPIES into the land since it belongs to the Philistines (Palestinians). I admire Jimmy Carter for writing “Peace, Not Apartheid” and taking the side of the Palestinians. Many American Protestant sects believe that a state of Israel and a rebuilding of the Temple is necessary for Christ’s second coming. There are farmers in the mid-West who are raising special cattle which will be appropriate for the Temple sacrifice. Such groups post videos showing the 900 remaining Samaritans performing the Passover sacrifice (check Youtube.) When Jews observe Passover they are required to BOIL the lamb rather than ROAST it since only the Levitical priests were permitted to roast the lamb in the Temple.


One Response to “An Independent State of Israel”

  1. Tom Says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful gathering of data re Gandhi … and American Protestants raising “special” cattle … such a sad confusion of ideas.

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