Photos Wed. June 2 Blackberry Curve

I started taking photos with my Blackberry Curve 2 megapixel around 11am and stopped around 7pm so lets call it 7 hours to be conservative. In that time I shot 646 pictures totaling 285 meg. For the first time I decided to CHANGE the photo options to the highest quality/ highest file size and I set adjustment to AUTOMATIC (rather than sunny/cloudy/etc).

I would guess it too me 2 or 3 hours to copy the pics from the camera to a folder, upload to FLICKR using batch upload (Verizon DSL) and then create a slide show for Peal The Mime (which was my first priority). The actual upload to Flickr took over an hour. It seems to me like I have pushed the Blackberry camera to its limits. Half the shots were of Pearl the Mime in a kind of shady afternoon light. The other half were of buildings and landscape in bright noon sunlight. The Blackberry Curve camera seems to do better with distance and landscape in bright light than with close-ups of faces.

When I clicked on Flickr EDIT to examine the first photos to upload, the quality was quite disappointing but later the same photos viewed in the Flickr slideshow seemed much better though not as sharp as I would like. I am guessing that Flicker does not attempt to display as high a quality during edit as it does in the slide show.


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