GIMP – Selecting and resizing Objects

I decided to make this a separate blog.

The following link seems to have some helpful hints (elementary things one should know):

The GIMPtricks tutorial on LAYERS (using colored circles) is what sent me on this quest. IS there some way to select, move and resize a colored circle after it has been created.

A second question comes to mind: WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF LAYERS THAT ONE MAY CREATE in GIMP? Is there no limit? I can see how one might achieve a composite image using a composite of a multitude of layers. Obviously, I can experiment with creating dummy layers and see if I reach a limit. I am google searching on the question and not coming up with any answers.

The following link shows me how to DRAW a circle in a transparent layer using STROKE SELECTION. The color will be the color selected for the FOREGROUND. Once the circle has been painted, the question is whether that image can ever be reselected and changed in size and position.

A corollary question is: Can MOVING an image be as simple as moving the layer around?

Is it theoretically possible to have say 1000 layers for 1000 components of an image?


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