Jailbreaking and Crack/Warez

I do realize that many people “jailbreak” their phones, but give the cost of repair/replacement and the intimate relationship between hardware and software and service provider, I am hesitant to play such games. I am equally hesitant to use illegal crack/warez copies of software not simply because it is stealing but also because the time I would invest using the software or operating system is more valuable than the price of a legal copy. Just some thoughts. Perhaps others will disagree or see a flaw in my thinking.


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3 Responses to “Jailbreaking and Crack/Warez”

  1. Jacobian Says:

    yes you are right.if you’re using iphone then you should not jailbreak it.better to use android though. 🙂

  2. Rob Says:

    I think you don’t quite understand what Jailbreaking does. Let me say this up front, as a software developer and photographer, I don’t like it when people steal from me. Its wrong, period.

    But Jailbreaking isn’t stealing. You are still paying Apple for the phone. You are still paying AT&T for an “unlimited” data plan. What Jailbreaking does is two things.

    1. It gives you access to software that Apple/AT&T hasn’t made available through Apple’s iTunes store. If you buy a Dell laptop or even a iMac or MacBook, you are free to buy software from any software vendor. You are not restricted to Dell or Apple. So with a Jailbroken phone, you can now use alternate app stores which sell or have for free legal software. You can still buy apps from the Apple store as well.

    2. The phones are capable of more features than what Apple and AT&T have turned on. The typical example is “tethering” where your phone becomes a WiFi hotspot for your laptop. AT&T has not permitted this because they fear its too much for their network (and for San Fransciso and NYC it could be a problem) and they are looking at opening up soon. Of course AT&T wants to charge more for this feature. You already pay for an unlimited data plan you should be allowed to do this. Creating a WiFi hotspot isn’t cheating AT&T, isn’t committing a crime, just breaking their rules that don’t let you use your phone’s full features.

    I’m certain that with a jailbroken phone that there are hacks that would allow you to get stolen software, but you are the one choosing what to load on the phone just like what you choose to load on your computer. You can get stolen software or you can get legit software. All jail breaking does is lets you have access to what you’ve already paid for.

    • William Buell Says:

      Thanks for your excellent explanation! I learned a lot and I shall endeavor to share it with others. I totally agree with what you say. I guess my deepest feeling which I failed to convey in the post is that it is SO HARD to get all this hardward/software to function properly EVEN WHEN you play by their rules. Therefore, I hesitate to tread upon thin ice. I suppose my other wisdom is “if it AIN’T broke, don’t FIX it.” I have seen various Ubunt/Linux things that one can do to, say, create a bootable thumb drive, but there were warnings attached which made it sound like one could destroy the operating system with one false move (and I realized that I can live a normal life without a bootable flash drive), and linux-head types seem to think that the whole world is as clever as they are so therefore they leave steps out of instructions (when there ARE instructions) and their GUI graphical user interfaces, when they exist are less than intuitive. This is why one digital photojournalist advised me to steer clear of GIMP and pay for a copy of Photoshop.

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