Facebook thread

Erik Grettir Jacobs commented on Susan Peterson’s link:

“Without research, I can’t speak to veracity of this story, but I can say that Hitler, quite famously, hated pedophiles. Both Goebbels and Himmler would have been aware of this. In fact, Hitler had fired the Chief of Staff of the German Army (at a very in opportune time, I might add) for a hint of pedophilia. The truth was that no one believed the rumor, but even the rumor was too much for Hitler. My point here is that, from top down, the Nazi Party had a history of using pedophilia as a political tool, in part because doing so pleased Hitler. In such a context, it would be very hard for a historian to unravel a “Nazi plot” of this sort. That is, how could a historian tell to what extent the Nazis were being disingenuous, when Hitler himself had shown an amazing ability to credulously accept rumors of pedophilia, even when it was patently against his interests to do so?

By the way, noting that Hitler genuinely loathed pedophilia is in no way meant to humanize the man. He liked dogs, too. So what? “


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