Verizon Tech Repaired my DSL today

He suggested that I purchase a new Westel Modem since mine is obsolete, although it still works. He said all that I have to do is plug it in, and then go to and click done.

One is required to give a name to a new router, any name you please. Some people in my area have Wi-Fi routers named GET-AWAY!!! and not4U2use.

There has been major construction of a small park in front of my building for over a year, and the crew accidentally cut some line to our building, plus 2 weeks earlier some phone workers were in the basement circuit room and accidentally interrupted my circuit PLUS the first Verizon repair man hooked me up to SOMEONE ELSE’S circuit robbing them of THEIR Verizon. But the technician today was more knowledgeable and attached a signal device to my wall phone jack and went into the basement to see EXACTLY which of the hundreds of connections is mine. Then he opened the aging wall jack and saw that the wires were too old, so he replaced them. Actually Verizon DSL is a bargain for me at $42 per month with NO bandwidth limit. FIOS would be 5 times faster for $62, but I don’t need the speed because all I do is email, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and some Paltalk and they are all fast enough on DSL. For 3 years we had no problem with the DSL. I just had a run of bad luck. My only other option would be Roadrunner through Time Warner cable, but our building is wired for FIOS and I imagine Time Warner’s Roadrunner might phase out sooner than Verizon DSL. However, if I have another major problem I will probably switch to FIOS. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!



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