Communicating with God(s)

Good point! One can spot so many similarities in seemingly unrelated religions. What caught my attention was how the main creator-god is beyond reach and hence is never addressed. I have a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Naturally all the words of Jesus are in RED. One day it suddenly struck me how strange it is that the words of God the Father are not in red or at least blue or green.

Islamic beliefs amuse me. When I read the “Sayings of Mohammad” (which are not in the Qur’an but are preserved in oral tradition and I can give you the ISBN of a paperback edition of them) it says that every time there is a call to prayer the devil whispers loud and clear in each believers ear to distract them and then turns his backside towards Mecca and trumpets a loud blast of flatulence. What is strange is that the devil has such intimate contact with each believer and yet Allah never communicates directly to anyone, not even the Prophet Mohammad, but only speaks through the messenger angel, Gabreel.

A very devout Protestant on my list posted something yesterday about how the Father willed salvation, the Son accomplished the salvation, and the Spirit distributes the salvation. I must try to look up his exact words but it was something to this effect. So I asked him if he can tell me anything about the HISTORY of that teaching, and which theologian first elaborated upon it or whether it is the product of his own personal subjective conjecture. To date I have received no response.

The Protestants are shocked that the Roman Catholics have someone who tells them what to believe and the Roman Catholics are shocked that the Protestants have NO ONE to tell them what to believe. I do think the RC Catechism (900 pages) is a marvelous work which addresses every conceivable aspect of spiritual life in a concise and encyclopedic fashion. I cannot think of any other religion which has something comparable unless one cares to consider the Bhagavad Gita which strikes me as an owner’s manual for the soul.


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