A One Party System of Government

From Facebook thread:

Do you really dislike McCain and Palin or are you being sarcastic? Just curious. Serious question: Who would any of you seriously like to see as president and vice president and what do you imagine they would be doing right now to fix whatever it is that is wrong? Or for that matter, name the presidents of the 20th century that you see as outstanding and state briefly what you admire about their presidency.

I will repeat something I asked in an earlier post which no one ever attempted to answer: The Republicans speaks as thought the Democrats are useless and all problems would be solved if every seat was filled by Republicans, and Democrats speak in the same fashion about Republicans; and yet, if either side got their wish, then we would be a one party system. Yet China IS a one party system and both Democrats and Republicans frown upon such a system as totalitarian. So, let’s hear your arguments, all humor and ad hominem aside. Enlighten me. Convert me. Win some souls for Jesus. I’m patiently waiting.


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