Sprained ankles and ER room diagnoses

I went to an ER and was mis-diagnosed with sprain. Two weeks later, I still could not walk. I went to an orthopedic surgeon. He took an x-ray. The technician put the x-ray on the florescent panel. The surgeon was walking by in the next room and did a Looney-Toons double-take at the x-ray from 20 feet away. He looked closer and started cussing out the ER podiatrist residents for not even being able to memorize the bones in the foot. I had a serious fracture of the calcaneos bone. The surgeon told me that the window of opportunity to correct it was almost up (they start to knit together incorrectly) He said the last chance to try and correct it would be the next morning at 6am. Then he looked at me and said, you will eventually recover but you will be lame for life, do you REALLY want this surgery? I looked at him and said , “what do I know, If it were YOUR ankle, would you want it.” He said yes! So, he did $20,000 worth of surgery, taking a bone sample from my good ankle, making it into a paste, inserting two screws which I still have in my ankle. I can walk ok, except I do need a cane. The pain is constant and will never go away. In the future, if I really have a future, but I dont really see things any more in terms of a future, then IF I am injured, I will endure the pain until I can get to a board-certified specialist. You probably only have a sprain. You probably got to see someone in ER who was not an incompetent blithering moron. But I offer this experience for whatever it is worth as a caveat to whoever may read this.


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