Facebook’s New Interface – Stability

I am surprised to hear of these problems. I have an Ubuntu machine and a Windows XP machine. I am in FB in Firefox all day long. In Ubuntu my browser includes add-ons like Greasemonkey and No-Script. My windows machine has a firewall (On Line Armor by Tall Emu) and Avira Antivir. I am having no problems with the new FB interface. In face, some things seem to have improved (e.g. the notifications used to be at the lower right, and would scroll off the screen; now they are at the upper right and have no scroll problem). Perhaps if you changed browsers just to experiment? Try Chrome or Internet Explorer just to see if it makes a difference. Make certain the browser is up to date. Perhaps even re-install. The ONLY problem I noticed with the new FB interface was the first and second day, I had some IM chats which were unusually sluggish. But, for the amount I use FB on different machines, I am impressed that it does all it does as well as it does. Just trying to help. Not trying to irritate you.

I wonder why more folks use IE than Mozilla, or do they? I didn’t know about NOSCRIPT until my Ubuntu Firefox update asked if I wanted it. But it certainly seems like a safety net for malicious scripts. I did find that batch photo uploads worked more smoothly in IE than in Firefox. I basically use IE as a last resort. I haven’t tried Chrome yet because of my “if it aint broke dont fix it” mentality.

I had to do that sort of thing all my life, because I was basically self taught in everything I did (except for the 4 years at St. John’s). I saw a Lutheran church poster once with some old women sweeping and polishing the altar and the caption read “all work is honorable.”

Even in the street, if someone walks by peddling something annoying, my first thought is that they are only trying to survive the best way they know how. Even when I see rats scurrying in the subways (a frequent sight) I remind myself that they are trying to survive just as I am in the best way they know how.

A biologist once exclaimed that God must have an inordinate fondness for beetles since there are more varieties of beetles in the world than any other creature.

The object of life is to get through it, somehow, anyhow.


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