Legislating attitudes and behavior

You are correct Ruth in that it is difficult to legislate morality. We have laws against spitting on the sidewalk but watch where you walk. Even the brightest and most articulate among us put our proverbial foot in our mouth on some occasion, or mispronounce some word such as “corpsmen”. Also, regarding the F* word, a resident of a senior assisted living center wrote to the Atlantic Monthly columnist (an arbiter of literary correctness) to complain that her community had voted DOWN seeing a certain movie because it contained the F* word. The columnist’s response was that SINCE movies and literature attempt to represent real life, and profanity, vulgarity and obscenity ARE a part of real life, then the F* word may have its place and some redeeming validity (if not used to excess). Howsoever when addressing a court room or the Senate, or some University student body, then such language is out of place and serves no useful purpose. Most folks assume that all males are “some one way” and all females are “some other way” with respect to sports, combat, novellas, poetry, hunting and a host of other things. Yet many of us know in our heart of hearts that each and every person is totally unique and that such stereotyping or profiling is inaccurate and unfair.


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