Causing Trouble With Free Speech

Susan objected to my posting a wiki article citing a few facts about Jeb Bush.

Susan complains:

Mr. Buell, I really think your mission in life is starting verbal trouble online.

Do you really have strong feelings about capital punishment? Write about that. Explain your beliefs. Then you can criticize someone for his actions contrary to them. The problem is that you don’t really set forward any beliefs, but argue from one side or the other just for the sake of argument.

Susan, I thought it was cool that Jed converted to Catholicism, especially since it makes more political sense in America to remain Episcopalian.
So, in a way, my thread here should please you since you are a gung-ho Catholic. Jed also seems more gifted intellectually than his brother George, according to the above link.

The Capital punishment issue is a no-brainer. The entire European Common Union is against capital punishment even though Christian church attendance is on the decline. Doesnt it strike you as strange that the ECU has no problem with abortion or euthanasia and is not very religious but is so against capital punishment?

Why is it then that the Bible belt and Texas in particular pays so much lip-service to Jesus but is blood-thirsty when it comes to executions? Its just like Kurt Vonnegut pointed out; Americans love to erect monuments to the eye-for-an-eye Ten Commandment Old Testament laws of Moses, but no one gives a hoot about Jesus’s Beatitudes and the Sermon on the mount. So pray tell what was Jesus attitude on capital punishment? Why did Jesus talk the crowd out of stoning the woman caught in the act of adultery? Hmmmm? Have any cool answers for that one? If America is so Bible loving Bible based and righteous then why not criminalize divorce, since Jesus said there is no valid reason to put away a spouse EXCEPT for adultery, and Jesus did not mention that one is free to re-marry after putting away an adulterous spouse. Also, both Jesus and Paul advocate a life of celibacy as being much higher than married life which is a concession to human weakness (better to marry than to burn and some make eunuchs of themselves for the sake of the kingdom) and where does that sentiment fit in among Protestants?

Susan, its a little thing called FREE SPEECH. I have it, you have it, everyone has it. So until your right wing fascist assault-weapon-toting heroes really get their way, I guess your just stuck with what any of us say.

And by the way, everything I posted is simply excerpts pasted from the Wiki article which caught my attention. I don’t always express my personal beliefs because I know it will cause trouble. I figure people can see excerpts from links and read for themselves.

So, Susan, YOU are the one who causes trouble because you challenged me to reply and reply I did. Had you wisely ignored me in silence, nothing more would have been said on the subject.

My belief is that Jesus would puke if he came back and saw what passes for a Christian these days.
My belief is that life in prison is a “cruel and unusual punishment” since we find nothing comparable to it in the Bible. If I were found guilty of a capital offense I would certain choose lethal injection over life in prison. I personally am in favor of giving a prisoner a choice between life in prison or death by barbiturates which is what is offered in Oregon and Switzerland rather than the present lethal injection method. But my point is that Americans are hypocritical to pay lip service to Jesus and rejoice at executions. Where does the forgiveness come into the picture?

My belief is that Jefferson took scissors and paste and created the Jefferson Bible (which omits the supernatural and retains only moral lessons) precisely because as Jefferson wrote in one letter “I desire to erect a wall between church and state” and it is too bad that sentence was not included in the constitution.

The “solution” does not lie with the government performing executions and criminalizing abortions. The FAILURE rests squarely upon the shoulder of Christianity itself for the following reason. The Bible teaches that faith and prayer and transformational grace are more powerful than Kinds and governments and armies, and the great commission is to preach unto all the nations. But what do we see in America? We see a baptist minister like Huckabee ABANDONING his pastoral calling OBVIOUSLY because he sees politics as a more effect means to achieve social change. Also, Pat Robertson years ago signed away his rights as pastor so that he might run for president. Are these the actions of men of great faith? Have none of you learned the lesson from the Prohibition act and its repeal that criminalizing alcohol CREATED more problems than it solved. The years prior to Rowe vs. Wade (including years of Republican rule) did not improve the abortion situation. IF Christianity were more successful then MORE people would realize that moderation and continence and monogamy and abstinence from sex and alcohol would make the problems of alcoholism and abortion and divorce diminish greatly in magnitude.

You cannot legislated morality. Jesus gave you all the tools you need to make the world right, but Christianity failed. The greatest and most obvious failure is that in the garden of Gesthemene Jesus prayed “Father, all those whom thou has given to me MAY THEY BE ONE even as you and I are one.” Jesus prayed for UNITY. Where is that unity today, even among Catholics?


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