The Second Dream

Today, as I am writing, it is Friday morning, August 16, 2002. In
the wee hours of Wednesday morning, August 14, I awoke from a most unusual dream. As I slowly awakened, I smiled and chuckled to myself, “I was dreaming about Lord Krishna.” But suddenly, as I
became more fully awake, I did one of those movie-cartoon
double-takes, “Wait! I had a dream about Lord Krishna!” I suddenly
realized the rarity and significance of such a dream.

I read that the Pope, shortly after his election, had a dream about
some urgent problem in the Catholic church. As he began to awaken, he said to himself, “Oh, I must speak to the Pope at once about this matter.” But then, as he became more fully awake, he suddenly realized, “Wait, I AM the Pope!”

By way of explanation, for readers who might not be familiar with
these matters, Lord Krishna is the subject of the Bhagavad-gita,
which is actually one Book or Chapter in the Mahabharat. Lord
Krishna is an Avatar (One Who comes down) or Incarnation of Lord
Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, in turn, is one of the three Persons of the
Hindu Trinity of Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva (who are seen as the Creative, Preserving and Destructive aspects of God). A belief in Lord Krishna as “God in human form” is analogous to the Christian belief that God incarnates and takes human form as Jesus Christ.

In my dream, Lord Krishna was sitting right before me, facing me.
His eyes were His most amazing and memorable feature, lotus-like,
large and limpid, filled with feeling and knowing compassion. Also
with us in this dream were my 18 year-old stepson, who is Catholic,
and my 84 year-old father, who describes himself as an Atheist.

What was said in the dream was of great importance, but what
impressed me more about the dream was that there was much to be learned from the nonverbal aspects of the dream (or the dream’s “body language” if you will, which I will attempt to explain as I narrate the dream).

In my dream, the first thing I did was ask Lord Krishna a direct
question: “Is it true that no one, not even God, can completely know
and understand and experience Being (Existence) without incarnating and taking bodily form and experiencing Reality as a finite embodied being?” Upon hearing my question (though He seemed to hear as one distracted by many other concerns Who has very briefly consented to an audience), Lord Krishna looked directly at me for a moment with utmost intensity (gathering His attention away from that myriad of other matters), smiled knowingly, almost ironically, and then ever so slightly and with some air of reluctance, nodded as if to answer “Yes, this is true, even We (Lord Krishna) must incarnate to fully experience Being, but this is an intimate secret of Our nature, and since you surprise Us by stumbling upon such an important question, We shall subtly indicate to you the truth about incarnation and avatar-hood with a nod, but Our answer shall be an unspoken one, since We do not care to have Our words quoted or misquoted.”

My second and final question to Lord Krishna was a request: “Could
You please show to me your Universal Form so that my faith and
understanding might be strengthened and confirmed.”

Lord Krishna immediately began to kaleidoscopically transform before my eyes with blinding speed into countless forms, some beautiful, some terrifying. The emotions which I felt seeing this were awe, wonder, amazement and dread, accompanied by the horripulation (hair standing on end) which is described in various Hindu writings.

But equally incredible, in this dream, was that I glanced at my
stepson, during Lord Krishna’s transmogrification, and to my
amazement, saw that my stepson was also displaying the Universal
Form, like a mirror reflecting everything that I was seeing in Lord

If you stand beneath a leafy tree on a bright, sunny day, you will notice in the shadow of the tree on the ground, little specks of sunlight. I never realized what those little spots of light actually are,
until one day there was a partial eclipse of the sun and I was standing under a tree. As I watched those many spots of light in the shadow, they also partially eclipsed. Those spots of light are not simply fragments or rays of light, as I had always assumed, but are actually camera obscura images of the sun itself, and mimic the sun. The “lens” which focuses those images is the tiny paths or openings between all the leaves. My point in mentioning
this is that my stepson also displayed the transformations in the dream because each person is like one of those camera obscura images of the sun, mirroring and mimicking the sun’s image.

After a few moments, Lord Krishna returned to his familiar and
friendly, Lotus-eyed form, and then disappeared.

I looked at my father, to see his reaction to all that we had
witnessed, thinking “surely having experienced these things, he will
no longer be an atheist, but will have some belief.” But my father
saw and heard nothing. He walked over to a small table which had
some incense burning, sniffed the smoke and said “these must be drugs of some sort, for you two to make such fantastic claims.” My father having said this, the dream ended and I awoke.



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