Jungian Synchronicity

In 1972, I decided to teach myself modern Greek, and spent a solid year attending St. Barbara’s Greek Church in New Haven; Fr. George Karames was our priest. Years when by and I had no contact with the priest or that church even though it was 2 miles
from my mom’s house which I visited periodically. One day, I was there fetching her groceries and I drove past St. Barbara’s. I felt a strange compulsion to park and peek inside the church windows. As I encircled the church, a mini-movie inside my head reviewed all the times I had seen Fr. George at baptisms, women’s meetings of Philoptoxos. Suddenly a car drove into the parking lot and they asked if I needed assistance. I said that I was a member many years ago and to greet Fr. George. They said HE DIED THIS MORNING!


In the 1990s, my stepmother, Eleanor, was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, living in Clearwater, Florida. One morning at 6a.m. she looked out the window and said, “Oh, look at the lights over Bridgeport, Connecticut.” At that very moment, my father’s sister, Viola, was dying in a nursing home in Bridgeport. My father related this to me shortly after it happened. Years later he denied any memory of the event. Sometimes we remember what is convenient and forget what is not.


… drawing on the work of French philosopher Henri Bergson, Sheldrake has proposed that memory is inherent to all organically formed structures and systems. Where Bergson denied that personal memories and habits are stored in brain tissue, Sheldrake goes a step further by arguing that bodily forms and instincts, while expressed through genes, do not have their primary origin in them. Instead, his hypothesis states, the organism develops under the influence of previous similar organisms, by a mechanism he has dubbed morphic resonance.


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