What is your favorite culture?

A Peace Corps worker in Senegal writes:

OK, America. I miss your Mexican food, your aquariums, and your bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But really? Your education culture makes me want to puke way more than most Senegaleses food. And that’s saying something.

I reply:

It is rare in a nation of scorpions that one or two suddenly look in the mirror and say “hey, I’m a scorpion! Eww, that’s DISGUSTING.” It is more natural for a nation of scorpions to pray to their scorpion God, and hope that as good scorpions, they will one day make it into scorpion heaven.”

Ah, but, I have said too much.

Speaking of puking, how is the diarrhea going (no pun intended.)… See More

A PBS news bite on India stated that the undernourishment problem there is greater than in sub-Saharan African nations. I just noticed in Obama’s Nobel speech that he mentions something about “billions being lifted out of poverty.”

I like Obama (he is only half scorpion, you know…)

Someone else asks me what my favorite nation or culture.

I reply:

Off hand, I would say Antarctica, a continent of scientists and soldiers. It don’t get any better than that! Only problem is, it is melting. The scorpions are making it melt. Did you ever hear that old, old saying “the only good Indian is a dead Indian?” That’s what the scorpion invaders said about the REAL Americans, the Native Americans. How many thousands of years did they live out their lives hunting and gathering? Not that they were angels. They captured and tortured each other. The Neanderthal lived that way for 400,000 years (longer than Homo Sapiens has been around). Now are you going to tell me they weren’t living according to God’s will; that God was not happy with that, and God just waited around, biding his time, until alphabets were invented, so that God could anonymously dictate the way everything REALLY OUGHT to be, and have it written down in books. Then God waited around for the Renaissance, and Galileo, and then the Industrial Revolution? So God made all those dinosaurs, so they would turn into oil and coal, so that man could become TRULY HUMAN, truly civilized and begin burning fossil fuels in factories. And then God waited until Dustin Hoffman starred in “The Graduate”, and that party scene where the business man said “Plastics! The future is in plastics!” Now, the Pacific ocean is a soup of plastics which will never bio-degrade. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that in 10,000 years, humans will be extinct. Yes-sir-ree-bob, the only good scorpion is a dead scorpion! They do say the cockroach will survive a nuclear attack. Perhaps the cockroach is the “chosen people?”


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