Civility and Politics

I have noticed that a surprising number of people who are very conservative right-wing Republican are prone to be verbally abusive at the drop of a hat, and also to speak disrespectfully to others (e.g. to me they will say Billy-boy or Willie and someone named James might be called Jimbo or Jimmuh), whereas many Democrats who lean to the left tend to be civil even when they strongly disagree with others. Plus, said Republicans will spend 4 or 8 years complaining daily about B.O. (they seem fond of these initials for some reason), and if they DO get a Republican back in the White House I would not be at all surprised if their candidate is low calibre (i.e. another Bush or a Palin). The classiest and most intellectual conservative I can think of was Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., and even he would at times resort to profanity and threats of fisticuffs on his Firing Line (the very name of his show is somewhat assaultive). I doubt if you can find a clip of Noam Chomsky speaking or acting in an uncivil fashion (but perhaps I am mistaken.)


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