What we arn’t doing about climate change

Last night’s panel discussion on Charlie Rose, featuring Jeffrey David Sachs, just blew me away! Basically the USA signed treaties in 1992, which are ratified into LAW, to do a variety of things regarding climate change… Sachs and others said that George Bush pissed away 8 years of the worlds time. The USA is rightly viewed by the rest of the world as fatuous clowns. No one really cares about what our great grandchildren will suffer. All the worlds peoples suffer from the vile form of selfishness which we call patriotism, which seeks the benefit and triumph of a select few at the expense of the worlds future population.


The Chinese government is so deluded with pride in the recent success of their society that, if it were possible to have the pomp and splendor of 10 million acrobats spinning in the sky, farting flames of fire from their butts, brighter than 10,000 suns, they would not hesitate to orchestrate said extravaganza.


Christopher writes:

So… Avatar. It’s a whole ton of hippie sentiment. Gaia… all life as one… mining is evil… combat is evil… killing animals is sad… primitive tribalism is good… pidgen-English platitude-uttering elders are good… much silliness. That said, OMG what a visually-stunning flick! The CGI manages to somehow …avoid the Uncanny Valley completely, the 3D feels natural (and not like they went hunting for things to throw at the audience or like you’re watching a pop-up book) and the animation and live action integrate seamlessly. Certainly the best technological achievement in cinema of the decade.

William responds:

Well, Christopher, I guess you really told THEM. I am so glad we have a few sensible people like you as a moral ballast. The only problem is that the same voting majority which gobbles up media like this also cheers the likes of Palin and McCain as a one-man-one-woman cure to all the world’s problems. But, good job, Christopher! Kudos! Now that … you have opened our eyes to the values that we should so obviously despise and reject, would you be so kind as to fill that void with the genuine values which we should espouse? Don’t be shy and modest now. We know that YOU know.

Oh, come now!, you and the silent moral majority can do much better than that! After all, what I say is not sarcasm (and that is the tragedy); it is the bitter truth. Ah, but let us not speak of these things. Let us frolic in the bread and circus of our final days of the decline which we have so richly earned over the past few centuries.

You can bet your ass I am going to see that movie, and wear those 3D glasses. And why not. My doom is sealed anyway and I am in the march of the walking dead. I might as well go with a smile on my face.


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