A License to Carry and Lethal Force

Not arguing, just chewing the fat. We know that the criminals will probably manage to get what they want. I saw some article about certain markets in Egypt where one may purchase anything from assault rifles to rocket launchers that can take down aircraft.
In the 1950s, anyone could just walk into a store and purchase a handgun with no waiting-period, identity check or licensing. In the 1980s, a police officer named Ayoob wrote a series of books for the citizen seeking a license to carry. Ayoob is also famous for inventing “the Ayoob night stick” which is an improved method of night stick combat. Ayoob mentioned that if you ever use lethal force, you must be in a situation where it is your best option even if you face prison and the loss of all your property through due process, but still you preserve your life. If you develop he habit of roaming dangerous neighborhoods at 3am with your license to carry (walking heavy), and you shoot someone, the court is going to want to hear a good reason why you were in that neighborhood at that hour, or they will assume that you were intentionally seeking to lure a criminal victim to attack you. Ayoob would carry a matchbook with a $10 bill wrapped around it with a rubber band. If a gang of punks approached, he would toss it to them and say “here buy the boys a drink.” If he then used lethal force, that gesture would count in his favor in court. Judges vary from state to state. In one state, a woman shot an intruder, but in in court it became obvious that she could have safely fled the house, so the necessity of lethal force was questioned. And anyone who owns a weapon MUST practice practice practice until that weapon becomes second nature; otherwise carrying the weapon can do more harm than good.


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