2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

We (and they) possess the ordnance necessary to “neutralize” vast areas of population but to date we (or they) lack the will to use such decisive tactics. Each submarine patrolling the world’s oceans possesses MORE firepower than all 5 years of WWII BOTH SIDES. Stalin said it in a nutshell: One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. How many Americans weep each night over the past 20 years of war related deaths in the former Belgian Congo, which EXCEEDS anything since WWII? A society does not pioneer technologies of mass destruction and never entertain the thought of using it. If tomorrow, the entire world converted to Islam for the sake of peace, still there would be no peace, for the Sunni and the Shia and the Sufi and the Kurds (and many other sectarian divisions) would be fighting and killing. And if, tomorrow, you divided all of the worlds wealth equally among all 6 billion plus inhabitants, within a year there would be inequality of wealth, for some would be prodigal, others thrifty, yet others shrewd and speculative. It boils down to Jonathan Swift’s satire about the religious dispute between the Big-endians and the Little-endians over which side of their hard boiled egg to break; and the scriptural verse said “break thy egg where thou wilt.”


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