The word men as gender inclusive

In older Engish usage, especially 19th century and earlier “men” could and often did mean all humans. Now writers try to be gender inclusive and say “people” or “humans”. The ancient Greeks had the word anthropos to collectively denote homo sapiens, as opposed to andros, to denote males only and gyny, to denote females. Modern women can be as promiscuous as males, but the average male male is more prone to temptations of infidelity than the average woman. Psychologists observe that whenever a male indulges in an extra-marital affair, it is often “recreational”, but when a woman does it, she is often on the verge of marital break-up. But I am sure there are males who are very faithful and pure in heart by nature, and there are females who are simply addicted to promiscuous behavior. The six season TV show “Sex and the City” certainly gives a realistic portrayal of four women in New York City who have many casual intimate relationships. Golf pro Tiger Woods is much in the news these days. Of course, if someone has fame, fortune, youth, and good looks, then they are far more easily tempted than someone who is poor, unknown, homely and older.

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