WUBI Ubuntu and Cyrillic Russian in Open Office Word

Get a load of THIS:

In free Ubuntu, it is a PIECE OF CAKE, to change to ANY LANGUAGE. You just click on SYSTEM, and PREFERENCES, the keyboard will say USA, you click ADD, select RUSSIAN FEDERATION, and click that as default. NOW everything you type in Open Office Document will be as you see above, which is all three qwerty rows, first in lower case, and next in caps lock. And then, I copied it to the paste buffer, and had to go BACK to SYSTEM Preferences, Keyboard and click RESTORE TO DEFAULT to get the damn thing out of Cyrillic. So, IF you want to do a WUBI install of Ubuntu WITHIN your Windows environment, that is the easiest way, it takes less than an hour, automatic, with a DSL connection, and instantly comes up (with dual boot choice Windows or Ubuntu) with Firefox browser, Open office Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation mgr. And, if you DONT like UBUNTU, you can delete it with PROGRAM ADD/DELETE and poof, its GONE.


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