Free AVAST is available for Ubuntu.

Visit the following link, download the .deb (for Debian, Ubuntu is a variant of Debian).


Once it installs, just right click and choose the first option to install AVAST.

Once the install finishes, you will find the AVAST link in Applications-> Accessories

When you first launch it, it will ask you to register to receive a key in your email. Fill out the registration and past the key from the email that will arrive.

First do an UPDATE to get the latest virus signatures. Then do a full scan.

My technique is to install something new FIRST on my machine which runs a Wubi install of Ubuntu on windows, because if anything goes wrong, it takes me much less time to reinstall that than to reinstall my pure Ubuntu 280 gig Gateway.

I posted several times at Avira forum, which is always very helpful, asking for Ubuntu install instructions. Finally someone gave me a link to a PDF about Avira Linux installs which seemed to require a kernal rebuild, which is way beyond my abilities. If only they had given me the above link, I could have installed it with a couple of clicks. I kind of gave up on the idea of having Avira.

The way I discovered this useful link is that I wanted to have an IRC client to seek advice from other Ubuntu users, so I went to synaptic manager and … well, first I installed ircii, but I saw no way to launch it, so then I installed Konversation, which has a gui interface and launch icon and places me right into an Ubuntu chat. I mentioned there about my interest in Avast for Linux-Ubuntu and someone gave me the above link that I need.

I went to the synaptic manager and found the CLAM antivirus scanner, and installed that.

I am sure my Wubi Ubuntu machine will be running that THOROUGH scan of the ENTIRE system for quite some time. But I want to try it out to the maximum before I put it on my Gateway.

I just now took a peek at the screen and it is paused because IT HAS FOUND A VIRUS, which it recommends moving to the CHEST for Quarantine,

Suela -1042 in host/pagefile.sys

which means it is scanning the windows portion of the hard drive, so I think I will ignore it, since that Windows portion gets scanned each day by Avira and also by MalwareBytes.

It is most curious that the file is flagged by the Linux version and not by the Windows version, so I will post this at the Avira forum and call it to their attention. I do believe that pagefile.sys is part of the Windows system and is always locked during scans!.

I never stopped to think that a COMPLETE system scan would include all the files in HOST, which is the Windows partition.


I decided to leave it alone for now, because if it moves my ENTIRE ROOT.DISK, i think it will crash my wubi ubuntu, and it COULD be a false positive!

Also in Windows, pav.zip pav.sig!!!
Windows sys32 rzdicpya.dll

Also in Windows, Win32.adaware-Gen in system32/mhbo2.dll


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