Ubuntu Evolution Email Set-up

I basically have only three email accounts that I can choose to set up for my Evolution Email app in my new Ubuntu machine.

Two accounts are GMAIL and they are free accounts but graciously support POP and SMPT

The THIRD account is the paid account that comes with Verizon DSL.

They now require a port change from port 25 to port 587
which seems to be documented at the following link, but seems too complex for me to bother with.


I AM able to change to port 587 in Outlook under Windows and utilize my Verizon email account.

In order to set up the two Gmail accounts, I had to experiment quit a bit to guess at the proper settings.

Whenever you launch EVOLUTION email client in Ubuntu, you may click on Edit-> Preferences and see the various email accounts that you are attached to.


For a Gmail account, in the RECEIVING EMAIL, you want to specify
Server: pop.gmail.COM
Username: (whatever your email user name like superman or wonderwoman if you prefer i.e. whatever name you chose to go in your address like MYFREAKINGNAME@gmail.com but leave out the @gmail.com part for this field and just enter the NAME)

Use secure connection: SSL encryption
Authentication type: PASSWORD

and you may experiment with checking the REMEMBER ME box to see which you might prefer.

The SENDING EMAIL is configured as follows for Gmail:

Server type: SMPT
Beneath this option check the box for SERVER AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED.

Server: smpt@gmail.com

Use Secure Connection: SSL encryption

Type: Login

And you may experiment with checking and unchecking the REMEMBER PASSWORD box to see what suits your need.

Username: (here you put your user name as above – e.g. superman, wonderwoman)


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