Dulcinea-Beatrices and my Holy Grail

It was an UTTERLY awesome experience.

I had to redo each and every step of the way about 10 or 20 times, guessing about different tricks, before each stage would work, because there is little documentation, and the intall utilities are not intuitively obvious.

It took a few hours of playing around to realize that Windows was a lost cause.

Then, I tried to install Ubuntu from a CD about 20 times. I then realized I had to drop to drive C: and say FORMAT, and reformat the entire drive.

Then, I remembered too late that I should have first used FDISK, to adjust the PARTITIONS.

So, I burnd an ISO image cd of a linux utility which can repartition the drive. There is little documentation on how to do this. PLUS, you mentioned that your mouse was so old. Well, it was doing weird stuff, like I had to RIGHT click instead of left click. Finally, I switched to the newer usb mouse, and it worked FIND.

I had to try repartitioning the drive about 4 times. FInally I realized from obscure error messages that what it WANTS me to do and NEEDS ME TO do is to create THREE partitions in your 280 gig drive. The first is called ROOT, which makes everything in Linux run, except you simply name it “/” (forward slash, without the quotes).

Root has to be a certain size but not too big. I chose 512 and at the end of the process, it made me go back, saying that was too small, so I made it 5000. The second partition is what is called the SWAP partition. You do not give it a name, but with each partition you are offered 20 different flavors of format. I had to google to learn that ext3 is preferred for Ubuntu/Debian linus. So the second partition you do not name at all, and you choose the type SWAP-FILE, and it automatically makes that your swap file. Then, the third and humungous partion of 200 gig is called /home and is format type ext3. Then you finalize it, and it chugs away formatting and testing the drive.

Next, you put in the Ubuntu install and boot from that. I have a 2008 Ubuntu disk, and one created last week. I tried both of them over and over. They would run 30 minutes and then stop. FINALLY, the recent ubuntu disk actually INSTALLED itself and came up with the Ubuntu desktop, but it had alll sorts of error warning that make me think it had failed. But on the desktop was a strange folder saying INSTALL UBUNTU. Out of curiosity, I clicked on that, and low and behold, that was the part that would finish the install. It dumped me into a different partition utility. Finally, Ubuntu is installed, but no internet connection. I plugged a cable from the router to the ethernet card. I was told by forum members that Ubuntu would just automatically sense the Ethernet card and attach to internet. Didnt work. Then I followed a Youtube tutorial on how to install a Belkin USB adaptor. I did it several times. It didnt seem to work. But then, out of curiosity I plugged in the Belkin to the USB (which I had done earlier and nothing happend). Suddenly, I had internet connection.

Thanks you so much for giving me this machine, and making possible an experience with Ubuntu which I have wanted for several years, but never had a spare machine to take chances with.

ANd this machine is SUPER FAST on the internet, even though it is only a WiFi connection. Ethernet hardwire is supposed to be much faster. Anyway, I will sleep for a couple of hours, and be over in the afternoon to pick up that Mybook for repair.

I feel like superman with this success, or Dante, crawling through all of hell and pergatory, and finally getting a glimpse of Ubuntu heave.

I know I must run to J&R to get another $10 Belkin laser mouse, because your old mouse is so weird. And another belkin wifi adaptor. Then, all we need is a monitor at some point because we have 4 computers and 3 monitors.

Even my headphones and mic work in this Ubuntu. THey would not work on my Wubi install of Ubunu on top of windows.

Also, I am going to buy a cheap $7 memory stick and see how it works. Those sancor have SOFTWARE On them, which makes them more expensive. But the cheap ones are simply USB devices, and should serve my needs.

But your old Gateway was so trashed in Windows, it was hopeless. And now it is brand spanking new with a fresh Ubuntu install, and no viruses, no firewalls, no antivirus overhead. Apparently, Ubuntu is not as susceptible to viruses.

Anyway, thanks and talk to you later, and see you today to pick up that Mybook. I will make it my Holy Grail to retrieve the data, and you will be my Dulcinea, my Beatrice (remember, Quixote, and Dante).

Later !!!


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