Question: Westell Startech Ubuntu

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I just spent a LONG LONG TIME typing this post into the above forum and it disappeared. SO, I am composing it HERE first in my BLOG so that it will NOT disappear.

I use Verizon DSL with a Westell 327W Router. I have one Dell Windows XP hard wired to the router, and second XP connected via WiFi with a Belkin USB adapter.

I want to take a 3rd computer, an Ubuntu desktop install, and use a ST100S 10/100 mbps Ethernet PCI, which claims to have a Linux driver.

BIG QUESTION: If I do succeed in attaching the Ubuntu Desktop through the startech ethernet, is there any danger that the Westell modem will somehow be reset or reconfigured or disturbed so that I lose Internet and have to wait for a Verizon technician to show up and fix things. IF there IS such a danger, then I will go with wifi for the Ubuntu desktop.


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