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[quote=cariboo907;8302876]The idea behind a server is to have a stable reliable platform for what you need to do, you’re starting out with 2 strikes against you already. A wubi install is not what I’d called stable and reliable, and using a wireless connection, it is stable and reliable, but it is slow, you don’t have the bandwidth of a wired connection.

I would just install the server version on the spare computer, and be done with the experimenting, you can just get down to work, and develop your app.[/quote]

Cariboo, you make excellent points! BUT there are a few very important points that have escaped your attention.

I am an elderly man who is unemployed and my funds are limited. Certainly the best way to tackle any problem is to throw gobs of money at it, and anyone who has money is a fool to waste their time tinkering with inexpensive do-it-yourself projects.

Whatever the shortcomings of Wubi, and Ubuntu running on top of Windows, there is definitely a place in this world for something like Wubi. There are young people who perhaps only have one Windows machine which they may need for other purposes.

They cannot afford to do something drastic to their machine like repartition it. But Wubi will allow someone even with an old machine and limited funds to at least install and try out Ubuntu to see what it is like. I can testify to the fact that one may install and delete Wubi Ubuntu many times (I have done so at least six times in the past 2 days). The only down side is that after you delete Ubuntu, there remains a 17 gig area on your hard drive which defrag cannot move. The Wubi install claims that when you reinstall, the system reutilizes that area. I imagine there is some kind of software that could free up the 17gigs, but I have no urgent desire to do so just yet.

Certainly no one is suggesting that a huge company like General Motors should be run on a Wubi install. But, I have learned an enormous amount in just the past few days on an old machine which was not being used, and which I could afford to lose if the drive was irrecoverable.

Here is a link to my blog post about my experiments with Wubi.

Today, I looked at Dell to see what they offer with Ubuntu on it, and I found a laptop with a Moblin/Linux remix which comes to under $700 even when you add all the bells and whistles. They do caution that it is more for developers, because it is not completely stable and out of beta.

I am sure that there are some readers who would love to do a Wubi install and play around just as I am doing. IF they stumble across my blog post, then they will find some step-by-step instructions which took me several days of guessing and experimenting to find.

The more there are in the world who have inexpensive easy access to some kind of Ubuntu, especially the very young, the more Ubuntu will grow in popularity and mature into something that one could run a Company on.

Wubi has its place for adolescents, hobbyists, and probably one day for one of those Ubuntu For Dummies books.

Someone is going to give me an old tower machine shortly, and I will take an Ubuntu install disk and make the entire machine an Ubuntu server, as you suggest. My first concern is to figure out how to get a Wi-Fi adaptor working on it.

I had no trouble at all getting my Belkin USB adaptor to work with the Wubi install. At my blog post I do mention one brand of adaptor which is said to work seamlessly with Ubuntu.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and offer your suggestions!


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