Avira Manual Update FAILS in IE

I went to my step mother’s apt. today, to check on her old Hewlet Packard Windows machine, which I had left yesterday evening running some kind of HP critical update. I had just installed free Avira yesterday with no problems, quick update, and clean scan.

I was shocked to see that the HP critical update was still running and downloading “fixes” that were 1/2 meg each. She only has Windows Internet Explorer installed as a browser.

I tried the automatic Avira update and left it running for 45 minutes, but no success. I tried several times. Then, I logged into my Gmail, and clicked on the manual update link, but it failed, and I tried 10 more times and it failed. Meanwhile, I downloaded, installed updated and ran Malwarebytes and found no infections.


I decided to install Mozilla Firefox browser, which was quick and easy. The MINUTE I logged into Gmail and clicked on the manual update link for Avira, it INSTANTLY worked. So, my suggestion is to try different browsers IF you are experiencing problems with manual updates.

I KNOW that my internet connection was ok, because I could download and install things like Firefox and Malwarebytes. The Hewlett Packard update process looked kind of sad. The THIRD huge fix downloading said it was crucial to fix some printer problem. I kind of wonder if HP is on some kind of decline.

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