Avira Antivir Premium Suite 30 Day Eval

After the great success I had with free Avira on my first home machine, I decided to tackle my older Dell XP, which is about 5 or 6 years old. It had things like Pestpatrol, AVG, TWO DIFFERENT old firewalls, one of which (Sygate I think) was bought out by Symantic several years ago, but I never upgraded, and some old Norton antivirus that came with the Dell, which was active, but never paid for and upgraded. I did have to resort to an obscure, hard to find Norton removal tool to get rid of all the Norton products, because simple PROGRAM ADD/REMOVE died in the process.
And of course I had to run the MCPR.exe that your forum showed me, to remove all those McAfee traces. And I did a PROGRAM ADD/REMOVE on Windows Live care, AND Pestpatrol had no entry in the ADD/REMOVE, but, when I looked in Programs/Pestpatrol there was a removal program.

I first did a Malwarebytes install scan, and it found about 50 infections, but I must say they seemed to be merely spyware, adware. Then I booted in SAFE mode (F8) and did a complete MalwareBytes scan, and it only found several minor things. The ONE surprising thing to me was that this morning I had Malwarebyes scan my huge USB Mybook drive, and the only thing it found as a backdoor was an OLD copy of paltalk, and yet I have the most recent copy of paltalk active on both machines, and neither Avira nor Malwarebytes found any problem.

HERE IS ONE BIG QUESTION. I have LOGMEIN.COM on both machines (the free version). Just now as the Premium Security package was doing a full scan, a message quickly popped up from the firewall regarding LOGMEIN.COM and internet access, too quickly to read, and THEN my machine turned off, booted itself down?! I rebooted the machine, disabled logmein.com and continued with my full Avira scan.

I had expected that I would find a lot worse than what I did find, so I cant really bash AVG for the years of free service. I do remember years ago resorting to their free support forum, and was not well received. The friendliness and support of this volunteer based Avira forum really gave me the courage to tackle that older machine.

ANOTHER smaller question: What do those IP address attempts mean? How do I analyze them. I DO appreciate the firewall alerting me to IP address attempts. In 1999 I was on AOL dial up and had a terrible AOL mimicking trojan take over my machine. I was referred to LOCKDOWN 2000 firewall. I paid the $99, and became a beta test site. A technician talked to me on the phone for AN HOUR explaining what to remove in registry, etc. Then he had me send him the actual trojan, which he disassembled into source code, which was a mixture of Delphi and Visual Basic. It had a menu of destructive actions like reformatting hard drive, deleting registry, etc. That Lockdown2000 program allowed me to TRACE each netbus trojan attack to its source and complain to the provider, which was kind of fun. I dont feel the need now to track down intruders, but I would like to know more about such IP attempts, and how to know if I am blocking something that is truly essential or desirable.

I must confess that last night I had the ignoble urge to fine some firewall which would be compatible with free Avira. Then I realized that I am a terrible person to try and avoid paying Avira Antivir for all this wonderful help. If I WERE to try a free firewall together with Avira, I would probably waste so much time with compatibility issues and false positives, that the effort would not be worth the savings.

I GUESS FOR NOW I will keep logmein.com disabled and see if I have anymore unexpected machine shutdowns. I suspect that somehow Logemein.com sensed something out of the ordinary and did a shutdown. If I had to choose between having Avira Premium Security with firewall or having logmein.com I would choose Avira. I used to use logmein.com more when I was working.

As I encounter more questions/issues during my evaluation period I shall append them here to this post/thread. Thanks all for your help.


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