Avira Antivir Antivirus Manual Update

I joined the Avira Antivir Support Forum today because the automatic update was not working. The clear instructions here enabled me to quickly do a manual update. Free Avira Personal has served me well for several years, so I don’t mind taking a little time to do a manual update.

I did search and search for how to post a reply to one of the other threads, but find no REPLY button, so I can only assume that it is because I am a new member and have not been placed on a TRUSTED member list.

Several days ago, I received a JHOOS social networking/dating invite from a school friend of 40 years ago, who had previously not been on speaking terms with me, so I was hasty in signing up for JHOOS. I became suspicious of all the questions it was asking, starting with my yahoo email address and password (promising that it would NOT use it to send invites to other members without my permission). Then it was demanding things like my hope telephone number, which made me pause and google on JHOOS. Suddenly, I received an invite to one of my main gmail accounts (because that address is in my secondary yahoo account.) Just then AVIRA ANTIVIR came up with a warning. I kept trying to say delete, or quarantine, but, I think the malware kept relaunching itself, so did alt ctrl del, killed all tasks and powered down. When I powered back up, Firefox RELAUNCHED the malware installation. SO, I rebooted, ran Avira Antivir scan, which removed the trojan. Next I entered Windows Explorer Browser and deleted all cookies and temporary files. Thirdly, I booted in safe mode and ran the Avira virus removal tool, just to be on the safe side. I notice that that removal tool has not been updated in several years, but I imagine it is still effective, and it found nothing further after its scan. The above-mentioned virus attack made me pay more attention to Avira Antivir and its up-to-date status.

Thanks for your several years of free service.

subsequent post:

As soon as my manual update of Avira completed successfully, I did another scan, which has not finished yet, and it is showing TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen . I was not clever enough to take notes as to what was found during the problem the other day with JHOOS social networking program’s trojan. I am hoping that when the Avira scan finished, that it will sucessfully delete or quarantine this TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen and that it will not reinstall itself in some fashion. If it is still present, my only thought is to boot in SAFE mode and try to run Avira, with the notion that in SAFE mode, the trojan will not have as many opportunities open for reinstallation. Failing that, I may resort to downloading a different antivirus which I shall not mention in this post, since that would violate forum rules of etiquette, but I shall feel quite desparate if TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen is not gone from the system soon, and I do not look forward to reinstalling Windows, since I am inexperienced, and it would cost me money that I cannot really spare. I shall post the results of this current scan as soon as it completes. What I have read regarding TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen so far in search engines makes it sound quite difficult to remove, but then, those posts seem rather old.


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