Wherever Your Soul Shall Scurry

Wherever Your Soul Shall Scurry

Wherever your soul shall scurry,
To whatever place,
When the flesh gives release:

And how be feeling
Without the body?
Should love remember
When hearts forget?

Would your thoughts
Bereft of being
Seek again in me
That left after breath,
Which once I breathed shallowly
In your still ears?

Might light halo images,
Could yet be seen
Sincerity fleeting
Once caught in my eyes?

Whatever be given
In realms past all needs,
Tenderness imitated,
Loneliness meaningless,
Sorrow not comforted,
Here is no grief?

And how be the bond
Of fertility broken
Through deathless, desireless,
Childless dimensions?

If the least weary memory
Yet be sustained
In any of manners,
For I follow shortly.

The way out from time is swift,
The journey secure.

(written circa 1966)


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