The River

The River

River with your tributaries
No one seems to know your source
I’ll not bother with your queries
I’ll just let you flow your course.

Never do you mind or care
Moving earth from place to place
Farmlands you might rob or spare
Nothing seems to slow your pace

Up a curve – around a bend
Shallow spots and places deep
Will you ever learn to mend
Eyes that you have caused to weep

Place a seed in water shallow,
Watch it slowly drift away
Will it sprout in field and fallow
Or will it be led astray.

As I peer to see your ending
Where you empty no one knows
As it is with you my comrade
That’s the way a lifetime flows.

(This is the earliest poem, written 1963 at age 14)


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One Response to “The River”

  1. kkaleidoscope Says:

    this is beautiful.
    Please, keep weaving words together. I just stumbled upon your blog, and it made my afternoon that much more enjoyable. =]

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